Provider Analysis

Provider Analysis

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You can be confident working with us because as an independent, fee-only advisor, we are able to provide an unbiased approach to service provider benchmarking and analysis.  Unlike vendors who are incented to sell a certain product, our only incentive is to put our plan sponsors in a position to make more informed decisions.  We have the experience and tools to confirm your plan’s service providers are delivering the highest quality products and services at the most competitive total plan cost; directly affecting plan participants by lowering fees and/or enhancing services.

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Have you benchmarked your service providers lately? The DOL thinks you should:

As a plan fiduciary, you have an obligation under ERISA to prudently select and monitor plan investments, investment options made available to the plan’s participants and beneficiaries, and the persons providing services to your plan. Understanding and evaluating plan fees and expenses associated with plan investments, investment options, and services are an important part of a fiduciary’s responsibility. This responsibility is ongoing. After careful evaluation during the initial selection, you will want to monitor plan fees and expenses to determine whether they continue to be reasonable in light of the services provided.

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The Provider Benchmark Report Includes:

  • Recordkeeper, Advisor and TPA Fee and Value Analysis
  • Competitive Market Analysis

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