Investment Analysis

Investment Analysis

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Selecting and monitoring the plan’s investment options is not only a serious fiduciary task, but it can greatly impact your participants’ outcome.  Assuming fiduciary liability either as a 3(38) Investment Manager or 3(21) co-fiduciary advisor, we’ll work with your retirement plan committee to identify and monitor investment options that may be suitable for your participants and allow them to control their risk while increasing the likelihood of achieving their retirement goals.

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Tibble vs Edison

In May, the Supreme Court of the United States (the “Supreme Court”) published its long-awaited opinion in Tibble v. Edison International. The Supreme Court held that an ERISA fiduciary has a duty to continuously monitor the prudence of investment options offered under a qualified retirement plan, separate and distinct from their duty to prudently initially select investment options. While the Supreme Court’s brief opinion clearly dictates a fiduciary’s responsibility under ERISA to review investment options on a continuing basis, it did not express an opinion on the scope of such a review.

Our Investment Review Includes:

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Investments Offered
  • Analysis of Investment Fees

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