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Fears About The Journey:

  • I feel like I’m leaving money on the table by not offering Retirement Plan Services to my clients and prospects, and I need help marketing these services.
  • I consider myself an expert in my core business, and if I were to offer Retirement Plan Services I would want to offer the same level of expertise to my clients.
  • Offering Retirement Plan Services opens up a whole can of worms and oversight from the DOL, SEC & ERISA, and that seems like a nightmare.

Cheers About The Journey:

  • I work really hard to gain and keep the confidence of my clients, and I know offering multiple services improves client retention.
  • I like doing business with other firms that will actually drive new business and not just sit back and wait for me to do everything and collect a fee.
  • I don’t have to sell my soul to get into the business….. I can partner with a firm that thinks my company name is cool and doesn’t want to make me a drone!

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Bottom line… what do I get if I utilize your services?

You get everything that we used to build a book of over 100 plans and 1.5B in assets. Better yet, you don’t have to waste time building sales materials, finalist presentations and client reviews. You tell us what you need and we will customize it for your prospect or client. There is no need for you to bear the expense and time to manage an internal support team. We specialize in fiduciary consulting and services such as 3(38) Investment Management, Investment Policy Statements, Committee Charters, Client Agreements, Fiduciary Training, RFP Responses, Client Reviews and much more!

How do your fees work?

Our fee is set based on the size of the plan and your fee can be whatever you would like it to be. You have complete discretion on what you would like to be compensated. We can help you set your fee to make sure that our combined advisory fee is within industry standards. The way we approach pricing and service provider management typically reduces the overall fee, which includes both our fees, for your prospects and clients.

Is Two West a TPA, Record-keeper or Custodian?

None of the above. We are a fiduciary advisor and independent of all service providers.

Does Two West provide training on how to become a retirement plan specialist?

Absolutely. We created a Retirement Plan Assessment comprised of 71 questions to help you prepare, speak and deliver like a specialist. Our seasoned team of retirement plan specialists provide coaching and monitoring. The team will even accompany you in the field and assist in closing deals. Our Advisor Resource Center (ARC) provides training and content to LEARN, PROSPECT, SELL & SERVE.

Can I use my own brand?

Of course. Our mission is to create a client experience that elevates your brand. You can choose to suppress or highlight the association with Two West as much or as little as you like.

Does utilizing your services improve my chances of landing and keeping business?

Yes. We maintain an extremely high close and retention rate. From the 1st opening appointment to your on-going client service meetings we will arm you with best in class materials, speak and services so that you can focus on the client relationship. Leave the nitty gritty to us.

Who is the ideal Partner Advisor?

Advisors that…

  • Want to outsource non-revenue generating activities leading to higher profitability
  • Would prefer a proven system rather than build it themselves
  • Understand that wallet share leads to better client relationships and retention
  • Want a retirement plan resume boost while maintaining independence
  • Have a like-minded Investment Philosophy
  • Want to help their clients mitigate ERISA, DOL & IRS risk (i.e. 3(38) & 3(16) Services)
  • Understand that scale means better stuff from service provider fees
  • Are all about joining the Income Movement!
Will Two West support model allocations on retirement plans?

Yes. We have built a custom target date solution that goes beyond just age and incorporates a participant’s current account balance, deferral %, annual compensation and much more. We call it Goal Path!

The Uncommon Average

The US stock market has delivered an average annual return of about 10%. Most years, though, have been a lot different than the average. Understanding the range of outcomes can help increase the odds of a successful investment experience in the long term.

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