Fiduciary Guidance

Fiduciary Guidance

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Campus administrators and executives with retirement plan responsibility may also have personal liability. It is critically important that each of these individuals (regardless of role or title) understand the risks and the tasks necessary to complete their fiduciary duties. We help campus executives and administrators navigate these fiduciary requirements by delivering industry best practices with actionable steps for compliance – to ensure your institution protects the individuals with fiduciary exposure and ultimately maintains the integrity and mission of your institution.

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Higher Education institutions that offer a retirement plan as part of their benefit program, are faced with increasing regulatory scrutiny and litigation risk in an environment of budgetary and resource constraints. Additionally, campus administrators and executives are often saddled with limited resources and understaffed.

To help quantify and minimize your fiduciary risk, is a Two West Fiduciary Risk Review (FRR). This FRR includes an audit of your retirement plan and risk, benchmarked against similar schools across key areas including:

  • Use of Fiduciary Best Practices
  • Competitive Plan Design & Contract Review
  • Service Provider Pricing
  • Investment Analysis for Cost, Performance and Liquidity

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