Faculty & Staff Experience

Faculty & Staff Experience

[Income As The Outcome]

Our tagline is Money Simplified and we carry that speak with us in the breakroom when our team is on campus. Whether in group or individual meetings the conversations are around monthly income replacement rather than big piles of cash. Folks understand a monthly check and can execute a custom plan to achieve it.

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Ryan Rink

Ryan Rink

Ryan’s Email: rink@twowestadvisors.com

Phone: (913) 643-4135

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We strongly believe a successful retirement outcome is 80% about good financial behavior and 20% about investment knowledge. Participants need a tool that can help increase the likelihood of good financial behavior and help them have a positive outlook toward their money. We’ve got an entire Toolbox.

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Amber Rebar, our Toolbox specialist, explains how the Two West Toolbox integrates your finances into everyday life.

Two West Toolbox makes getting organized simple.  From Wall Street to Main Street, those who know what they have fare better than those who don’t.

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