Higher Ed Retirement Plans

Fears About The Journey:

  • We are understaffed and lack the resources or expertise to navigate the 403(b) landscape.
  • Due to our size we suspect we are overpaying and under served.
  • We know we need to do something, but feel like we can’t afford a fiduciary consultant.

Cheers About The Journey:

  • Our faculty and staff deserve to be rewarded for their tenure with a truly valuable retirement plan benefit.
  • We are excited to take our retirement plan to the next level and put it on par, or above, those offered in the private sector.
  • By offering a competitive, efficient plan, my staff can focus time and energy on other administrative priorities.


Smaller institutions deserve the same treatment and services as the big boys; however lack the buying power and expertise to command attention. That doesn’t seem fair!


Implementing a simple, yet comprehensive approach, we are transforming the marketplace.

By uniting with other small institutions, we now have the leverage to go to market and receive the attention we deserve.


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We work with your retirement plan committee to identify and monitor investment options that may be suitable for your participants.
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We work with plan sponsors to develop a plan design that meets your organization’s unique objectives.
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Our Breakroom experience coaches your faculty and staff toward identifying and implementing appropriate financial behaviors.
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We help plan sponsors navigate their fiduciary requirements and complete the appropriate action steps for compliance.
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We have the experience and tools to confirm your plan’s service providers are delivering the highest quality products and services at the most competitive total plan cost.
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