Financial Wellness

Fears About The Journey:

  • I’m concerned that I’m doing too much and imposing too much.
  • I’m concerned that I’m crossing a line and providing financial advice, exposing myself and the company to liability.
  • I’m afraid to let a “fox in the henhouse” where the advisor is incented to sell other products and services to my team.

Cheers About The Journey:

  • My workforce becomes more engaged and present at work, lowering turnover and reducing stress.
  • I can empower my employees with financial resources and tools they may not otherwise have access to.
  • I get to hear success stories.


You watch your employees carry baggage into your workplace because of their financial stress, and because you have a soul, you feel some responsibility to help them find personal success.

We choose to invest in your journey because 1.) We think you’re awesome and 2.) We see an opportunity to help you offer your employees the holy grail of financial planning — a personal financial coach.


Implementing a simple, yet comprehensive approach, we are transforming the lives of employees everywhere.


Financial Coaching:

[Finance Gurus]

Developing a basic understanding of finance is one of the most critical aspects to each of your employees’ lives. We help your employees understand the basics of financial management and encourage them to implement appropriate financial behaviors. We realize coaching isn’t a one-and-done exercise (unless you’re John Calipari); it’s about repetition and consistency, teaching the same concepts over and over again until it makes sense and can easily be applied.


Investment Education:

[Investing 101]

Like roulette, investing is a game of risk and reward. We help your employees better understand the basics of investing and how it affects their financial goals by helping them control their risk while increasing the likelihood of reaching their goals. Winner, winner.

Empowering Tools:

[Power Tools]

By providing practical financial tools, we make it easy for your employees to identify and implement appropriate financial behaviors. Our Two West Toolbox allows your employees to organize and monitor the financial components of their life, with the hopes of reducing their financial stress, worry and out-of-control feelings – helping them to be downright giddy while at work.

Goal Monitoring:

[Score Goals]

There’s nothing better than setting goals and achieving them – except maybe ice cream.. We help your employees monitor their progress and hold themselves accountable because it allows them to see how far they’ve come, adjust expectations when necessary, and celebrate their wins – with ice cream.

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