About Us

Our Story

Two West was founded on the belief that two people with common goals journeying together in the same direction have a better chance of arriving at their destination than going it alone. In other words, we’re big fans of the buddy system. Because of this core principle, engaging with people in authentic ways and investing in their life’s journey is at the heart of all that we do. We believe we have an opportunity and a responsibility to leave the world a better place and positively impact the lives of the people we come in contact by joining them in their journey, traveling alongside them, and helping them get farther down their path. We envision a world where people are closer to their destination and have a greater enjoyment of their journey because our paths have crossed.

Cowboy Ethics

We spent a long time searching for the right way to express the values we strive to uphold in our company. Our answer was found in James P. Owen’s book, Cowboy Ethics: What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West. He summed up a lot of what we feel about the financial industry and where it has gone astray. When it came time to articulate our values, we really couldn’t say it better than Mr. Owen.

Favorite Principles

Live Each Day with Courage

There is more to courage than jumping into a river to save someone’s life. It is also being willing to speak up and say that something isn’t right — even if that means going up against partners, colleagues, or superiors.

Ride for the Brand — YOU!

… make no mistake about where your loyalties should lie: The client comes first — not when it’s convenient, not when you feel like it, but always!

Remember that Some Things Aren’t for Sale

Our industry is known for being full of smart people. But think about it: How smart can we be if we don’t value our reputations above all else?

Know Where To Draw the Line

[Losing integrity] most often happens by degrees, as corners are cut and minor misdeeds rationalized, each small step leading to another. And so the [financial] world changes, little by little, except for those who stay stubbornly true to their own beliefs.

Our Laws of Engagement

In everything we do,

  1. We INVEST in people relationally so they feel valued, appreciated and have confidence that we truly understand their journey and are tailoring our advice to meet their specific needs.
  2. We collaboratively EDUCATE people so they develop a common understanding and are able to see things in a different way, which helps them make well-informed decisions for their situations.
  3. We SIMPLIFY the complex for people so they can clearly relate and engage in the conversation, which empowers them to execute an appropriate plan.
  4. We GIVE-AWAY our ideas to people so they are in a better position and are fully capable of performing their responsibilities.

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