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We’re independent advisors who offer services to employer-sponsored retirement plans, financial wellness programs and wealth management clients.

We are BOARDROOM advisors.

We are BREAKROOM advisors.

We are WEALTH MANAGEMENT advisors.

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Placing a Spotlight on the NAIA: Community Partners in Service

It’s no secret that Two West is a huge fan of Kansas City. The fact that this city is brimming with talent is just one of the many motives behind the decision to plant our company’s roots in the area. From its nationally recognized arts scene and strong community of entrepreneurs to a booming downtown district and ultra-dedicated sports fans (go Royals!), there’s no shortage of hometown pride. If you ask us, being named “the coolest city in America” in 2014 was simply a no-brainer.

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From Higher Education to Higher Retirement Standards: 3 Steps to a Brighter Financial Future

Our college years hold some of the best stories for many of us at Two West. We all have fond memories of both the friends we made and the professors who helped shape our impressionable minds during this anxious period of self-discovery (and, if we’re being honest, the not-so-occasional party or two). College is a great learning experience in so many ways, and all of us have at least one teacher in our past that’s had a big influence on of our success today.  

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Simplicity Leads to Success: A Toolbox That Makes it Easy

Life is a perpetual juggling act. We’re balancing our job, family, hobbies, volunteer work, finances… the list goes on and on. For me, it can get stressful sometimes trying to remember all of the things that I have to accomplish in a day (especially with my shiny object syndrome and my blended family responsibilities)! What bills do I have to pay? What do I have to do at work this week? And how the heck am I going to remember that it’s my turn to pick up my girls from school?
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